Idea of Avolink

Optimal legal advice all over Germany and further European countries is the aim of Avolink®, a co-operation of solicitors in Germany und Europe. 

Avolink® grants a covering solicitor net for the benefit of our clients in order to represent their interests effectively. The network of law offices are in constant contact to ensure a fast and engaged completion of briefs in all German regional court districts. The law offices united in Avolink® are predominantly aligned in German civil an economical law.

The co-operation has at present approx. 130 members with approx. 600 solicitors. In addition there exists a co-operation with AVOLINK, a network of solicitors in Belgium and Luxembourg, Francavoka, a network of solicitors in France and AdvocatenNet, a network of solicitors in Netherlands.

The avolink® office is in Cologne. For all inquiries please contact Mr. Ulrich Bucher (Cologne).


1. To be in charge of our clients
Our clients are the focus of or attention. Their optimal consultation and agency is our most important aim. Member with Avolink® can therefore become only law firms, that feel themselves in obligation to this aim and that have the necessary specialized authority.

2. Know-How-Transfer
Specialized solicitors are in a constant exchange of experience. Of it all Avolink® member offices profit, in particular however the clients.

3. Imparting legal information
Avolink® offices inform each other about new legislation and jurisdiction. New information is passed on directly to all member offices. This is to achieve all legal information relevant for our clients as directly as possible.

4. Innovative, dynamic co-operation with our clients
Constant co-operation inside the network grants fast communication to the offices, directly and reliably. All Avolink® members participate in the Worldwide Web. Our clients can inform therefore easily about the suitable office to represent their case locally; if necessary direct contact with a local Advogate® partner may be taken up.

5. Regional jurisdiction tendencies
Having an operational readiness level in the regional court districts Avolink® offices know the respective regional jurisdiction tendencies – for the clients’ benefit in judicial arguments.

6. Expansion on European co-operation
We consider to the necessity that transnational activities determine increasingly the legal everyday life. Foreign lawyer and solicitor networks, with which Avolink® is contractually connected, created comparable structures. Thus exists for years a co-operation with AVOLINK (Belgium and Luxemburg), Francavoka (France) and AdvocatenNet (Netherlands). Furthermore, we have got internationlly practising members in Italy, Spain, Poland and Greece.